When you're remixing a classic, you need to make sure you're doing something real special. Las Vegas' own Black Boots tried to do that with Jay Z's "99 Problems." The track originally appeared on what was supposed to be Jay Z's final album, The Black Album. Now I actually really like this and that's why I'm sharing it, but I can't do so without noting it's similarities to What So Not's remix of "Get Free." Both feature a stomping drop and while the actual sounds are a little bit different, it almost seems like a note for note when it hits. That said, it's still a devastatingly heavy remix that's worthy of your DJ crates no doubt and you've got to love when a classic track like this does get that fire rework so you don't have to juggle an extra deck and find an acapella yourself. Grab this one now and revel in the fact that finding a dope rework of 99 problems, is now not one of your problems.

(Run The Trap)