Now this could be one of my favorite records as of late. We've been keeping tabs on Hybrid Theory for a bit. I first got wind of their output via this Four40 compilation back in February, and a month later we premiered an EP their put out with CIAO. Seeing as the darker, bass-driven house sound is my favorite shit out there, I'm proud to be able to present the title track from their forthcoming Party Like Us EP, Take Me Up. This is one of those records that floored me when it dropped; that night bass vibe is alive throughout this one, trust we. Those are basslines I grew up on following the jungle scene, and hearing them being applied to more uptempo house cuts gets me every time. "Take Me Up" is one of three tunes on the EP, which is due out on July 22. Check out this exclusive stream, and realize how much you need it in your life.

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