At the end of 2013, TNGHT let the world know that they'd be going on hiatus so we could get even more material. Their actual solo output has been silent, but we recently got a booming new single from Lunice, and now we have word that a new Hudson Mohawke EP, Chimes, is due out in September 30. It's a four-track affair, featuring "Chimes" (which has been circulating for a few years) and a re-edit from Gammer. There are also two HudMo tunes, "Brainwave" and "King Kong Beaver," which we can't find clips of but we figure if you've been at any live HudMo shows, you've probably heard them (hell, he drops "Chimes" in this video, alongside a number of tunes we need IDs for). Pre-order Chimes today.

EDIT It looks like "Chimes" has also been used in a new MacBook Air TV spot: