I have to be completely honest here. DJ Ultracat put me on to Woolymammoth nearly a year ago, and though I thought the records that this San Fransisco native was producing were dope, it wasn't until I heard a collaborative tune with Oregon's srry that I realized how special this producer truly was. "CROISSANT" is one of my top 20 records of 2014, and though this one isn't free at all, it's absolutely monstrous.

The rest of Woolymammoth's catalog smacks as well, offering some of the filthiest low end you can imagine, insane sequencing, and sticks to a dark vibe with elements that tease, amaze, and rip your sound system to shreds. We put our ears to a ridiculous amount of music, and this guy is really on the path to something special. Everything below is free for download, and simply destructive. He also has some nutty tunes tucked right now, and we'll be sure to let you know when those are up and out.  Or if he ever uploads an artist image that isn't an extinct mammal.