Gainesville's Kodak To Graph is fresh off a tour with Odesza, and there's no doubt as to why shows are landing in his hands. He's had a streak of incredible originals and remixes that are all way left of mainstream, while still satisfying those that want to swing their hips. The work that he is crafting is sonically pleasing, yet generally quite chill, and damn near everything he's let loose has been available for free download. The records he's making are flawless, and while he's still a couple mainstream placements away from getting the notoriety he deserves, we're certain that Kodak To Graph is going to be a force to be reckoned with in the coming months, and an industry standard sooner than later. Everything below is milky as fuck, and available for free download, and if you're digging the vibes, you should check his tour dates and go buy a ticket in support.