Few things help a summer fly by then a good earworm. Gorgon City's "Here For You" has been that exact thing for so many people. The original's soul-soothing style has resonated with many and it'll no doubt be a song to remember for a while, but the remixes that are coming out with it are nothing to scoff at either. Alongside Roni Size, Brass Knuckles, and Bingo Players, Austin's own Bronze Whale delivers their own dreamy trap-styled take. You might remember from when we covered their Marshall Lewis remix, and while that had its own delightful indie flavor, this new remix is a bit more intense. Not intense like you might think of fire-breathing dragon dubstep, but some intense #feelings—not surprising considering the tender original's soulfulness.  Bronze Whale's remix shapeshifts over nearly five and a half minutes with numerous tempo changes and rapid structure alterations.  One second it's more clubby yet chilled out house, the next it's half-time headnodding goodness. You can grab the "Here For You" remixes via iTunes.