The UK trap scene has it's gems and no doubt one of those is Stööki Sound.  Half of Stööki Sound is Jelacee, and he alone is also very, very dope.  He has wowed before with his thumping beats and soulful sounds but this new one is really dope in a new way.  Taking Flosstradamus' raucous collaboration with Casino "Mosh Pit" shows Jelacee doing a bit more of what he did with his take on Migos' "Hannah Montana" (he called his version "Miley Cyrus") and on his track "Demado." What does that mean?  It means a bit it has some of that dungeon-styled UK dubstep low-end mixed with trap bounce and a whole section that picks up the speed with quick sliced and diced vocal chops and an uptempo carnival-styled house groove complete with some underwater future techno vibes.