Doctor Jeep hit me in the middle of the night to see if we could squeeze him into our schedule for this week, and honestly all of our SoundCloud slots are already accounted for until Monday.  I let him know that he has a free pass to do whatever he wants at Do Androids Dance, shifted a couple things around, and while I did that he handed me an exclusive collaboration between his Bark Lee alias, and none other than the elusive and mysterious producer DJ Yolo Bear. Funky club licks, tastefully-placed R&B samples, and masterful flips are the theme on this one, and the thing we're really wondering is how this was sitting untouched for a year on a random hard drive.  We knew this existed because of Yolo Bear's set for LuckyMe on Rinse FM last year, but an official copy never came out, and we already forgot about it.  We're glad Doctor Jeep unearthed it, counting our blessings that we knew to grab whatever he had in his hands, and as all Do Androids Dance Exclusives go, this one is downloadable below: