The Brick Bandits have to be one of the most talented groups in all of dance music.  It seems they have numerous levels of talent within their squad, and more then a few of them are consistently churning out bangers. R3LL is one of the names doing just that.  He's been touring a bit, getting radio play with big co-signs, and delivering heat.  His latest heat is his own take on Disclosure's breakout and oft-over remixed lead single, "Latch."  Now yes, it's another "Latch" remix that might have been unneeded, but this is just devastatingly good and is in my opinion one of the absolute best out there.  Haters of Jersery club can even heed to how good this is as it delivers a hard-hitting club ready aeshetic while also retaining the original's cathartic soulful release and melodic aspects.