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Before we get into this, let me just say that this not the kind of story I figured would be coming out of the first weekend of TomorrowLand. We all know that when DJs are performing, there are some perks; most of the time its drink tickets, but sometimes you can score food vouchers. At a festival like TomorrowLand, the DJs are sorted out with tokens to buy whatever delicious eats will fill their bellies. From what Deorro discovered today, though, it looks like your guests aren't sorted out with the same luxuries.

As you can see from the scans of his tweets, Deorro got pissed off over a situation with food tokens and vented about it on Twitter. From what we can gather, he tried getting his guest a token to eat, and was denied this request (Deorro actually said he was told "I don't care" by whomever he was speaking with). He went on one against TomorrowLand, even calling them "faggots" and saying that the artist next to him got nine tokens handed with no issue.

First off, while Deorro did apologize, being a hot head doesn't mean you use those types of slurs. That's definitely not OK. He's since deleted the tweets, and has explained why he was so upset, but it's wild to think that he went so wild over Twitter over this. We would have to assume that there is some kind of policy about who can get food tokens and who can't, and while I'd be pissed if someone went all "I don't care" on me about something, there's only so much you can do in that situation, right?

As you can see in the screen grabs up above, deadmau5 put in his $0.02 (or 25 euros) in, and he's right: Deorro might have a beef, but c'mon. We're talking about one meal. Maybe we should all confirm what our guests are privy to before we get there, so they're properly taken care of before/during the event.

Hopefully we all try to let cooler heads prevail in these situations before we say (tweet) something we will regret. Or maybe Deorro really needs to just chill on touring and just channel those vibes into more music. Props to Deorro for apologizing after the fact, but it really shouldn't have come to that.