After taking the trap world by storm and getting featured by every genre-specific blog imaginable, Phoenix's Decade! seemed to be slowing down.  He's only released six records in the past six months, and four of those were out before the new year started, but it's looking like the lull is over.  He's created a new SoundCloud set called "NEW SHIT," uploaded a teaser with a stack of records that are currently works in progress that are getting finished up, showed me a next level tune that he's sitting on and shopping around with a feature that's pretty remarkable, and we're going to push the fuck out of everything he launches in the coming months.  Taking a break from his moombaton and trap comfort zones, he decided to link with relative unknown Damn Them to release a humongous big room banger that's saturated in energy and aggression.  Of course there's a trap break in there to satisfy his core fan base, and of course this one is up for free download.  Click the purchase link below, like his page, and rejoice.