And now for something completely different. Whether you remember him as Johnny Love or enjoyed his epic Fall of Man EP for Trouble & Bass in 2011, Deathface is a moody iconoclast making music and living life by his own standard. Thus, upon hearing his new (and very goth/industrial) Cry For Black Dawn EP (purchase link here) from Lil Death Records, it shouldn't be surprising that a) it sounds like nothing else on the market and b) it likely has the highest  rate of dark emotional connectivity of anything you've heard in quite some time.

Making the obvious comparisons to everyone's favorite industrial dance act Nine Inch Nails is lazy and reductive, so I won't. The best way to describe this EP is that it is dark and harmonic, like discovering the positive silver lining to a life of evil while melting into the seventh circle of hell. The use of female vocals here, namely those of the poppier sounding Kanga on "Call to the Grave" and the ethereal Tamara Sky on the EP's eponymous track work well, too. As well, "Warm Leatherette" is a heavier sounding cover of The Normal's (aka Daniel Miller) post-punk/synth pop classic from 1978. The dichotomies apparent in this release make the EP not sound as ironic as 90s R & B vocal sampling or where trap is these days, either. In being creatively honest instead of belaboring an established sonic legacy, it's overall well delivered and deserving of time and appreciation.