Darude's "Sandstorm" is an enigma. The 15-year-old song is bigger than its gold certification (which happened in the U.S. in 2010, ten years after its release). It's bigger than being synonymous with hyping up crowds in stadiums worldwide. It's one of those tracks that, if you had to explain what you'd hear at a rave to a newbie, you'd put on this tune... well, at least you would when I was getting out of my first cycle of hitting raves in the Philly scene. It's a bonafide classic, good or ill, and while it might not get dropped nearly as much in 2014, watching this guy jamming to "Sandstorm" in public, to the bewilderment of the public around him, put a smile on my face. Partly because he's really getting into it; partly because no one else decided to dance with him. You're standing around in the rain, or waiting for a train—why NOT take that time to rock out?!

This is one of the Trollstation Vlogs' crews videos, where they have fun in train stations pulling pranks and such. Hopefully they do another video like this, maybe to Faithless' "Insomnia."