You can always expect Chris Rock to deliver comedic gold whenever the topic is rap. Ever since his days at Saturday Night Live, he has incorporated hip-hop and its artists into his work throughout his career, and rappers—at least the ones with a sense of humor—have subsequently shown love back. Like Jay Z using Rock's "grand opening, grand closing" line on "Encore." Or Lil Wayne referencing Rock on a number of occasions. It gives credence to the saying, real recognize real.

From his recent gig as host of the BET Awardswhere he brought the house to tears with jokes about Rick Ross, Dr. Dre, and Hovto making a memorable appearance on Kanye West's "Blame Game," Rock has established himself as a significant figure in the culture. In case you've missed out on his golden nuggets over the years, here are Chris Rock's Funniest Rap Moments.

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