Chris Brown's extracurricular antics aside, his summer hit "Loyal" is a platinum seller, proving that the production of Nic Nac is enough to overcome many pop music fans' negative thoughts about domestic violence and fisticuffs up in the club. However, when SirOJ's edit of the top-40 smash gets in the hands of Paris-based Club Cheval member Sam Tiba, it becomes a lovely and churning chunk of salacious, slow-jamming R&B. Thumping basslines maintain Tiba's desires to err towards sounds suited toward the club, but with a melody in stasis being urged along by down-tempo synths and sultry atmospheric vibes, it's free-to-download, and a job well done. Released in anticipation of his September 15 Bromance Records release Samuel, expectations for the funk-driven Frenchman are high, but well within his reach.