I've said it 1000 times in private, and have no qualms with saying it publicly: Boaz van de Beatz is one of the most prolific artists in Holland, and there are more than a handful of producers that have bit his style in the past few years. His Nouveau Riche collective has radio singles, videos with millions of plays, and a small stronghold in their native country, and though he's already had a Jeffrees release and a collaborative tune with Diplo, his name isn't yet a household one, and we're truthfully elated that Mad Decent continues to give this guy the attention and appreciation that he deserves in an effort to boost his profile to the international audience.  Boaz rolls squad deep with more than a half dozen artists, and he's linked with frequent collaborators Ronnie Flex and Mr. Polska for Mad Decent's latest offering, a trap banger that's almost entirely in Dutch (because fuck marketability) and dips between genres in true Boaz style. It's available via iTunes right now.