In the first two installments of the Coors Light Axis series, we got a look at what made Big Sean and Curren$y who they are today. Now, in Episode 3, we get to see Big Sean at work as he steps inside the studio.

For Big Sean, the recording studio is literally his home turf, since he’s actually built one inside his house. This way, he can lay down lyrics and beats whenever inspiration strikes, no matter the hour of the day. He’s definitely got his own unique style of doing so, too. (For starters, he never writes anything down beforehand.)

One thing Sean’s definitely fired up about is getting to partner up with his old pal, Curren$y. The two have worked together before, but it’s been a while. Now, they’ve reunited as part of the Coors Light Axis series to record two brand new custom tracks that are unlike anything they've created heretofore. “It’s gonna be insane,” Big Sean says of his new Curren$y collaboration. “We’ve been in the recording zone.”

Needless to say, we’re all pretty psyched to see what they come up with together.

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