We've been on this MaxX & EJ Mondays kick going on three weeks, and while weeks one and two were fire, this is my favorite so far. With a shift in BPM opening the realm of possibilities, it's dope to see them maintain their moombahton steeze while also integrating more of a 100BPM/twerk vibe to their sound. For this remix of Banginclude and Robs & Duke's "Twerk Time," they actually walk on both sides of the line, giving us 110BPM moombah flavors while still slinking back to that 100BPM sound, all the while giving us one of the more hectic cuts we've heard in a while. Here's what MaxX & EJ had to say:

"Our homies Banginclude x Robs & Duke hit us with some stems for their banger "Twerk Time" a while back. What you hear now is the end result of our remix! This has been getting the crowd down at our shows lately, with the 110-100 transitions we keep our Moombahton Style while going 100 real quick!"