I feel like a broken record at this point when saying Hyperboloid Records is the future of bass music. Their vision is insane, they're hand-picking some of the most innovative records in the game, and are still sitting below 5,000 followers on SoundCloud. No matter, we'll keep dunking their layups until people notice. Their latest is from Atlanta's Ba-kuura, who just let a six-track EP loose called Super Dream_sim that's truly beautiful, combining soothing melodies and club vibes together with that URL anime and video game influence that's becoming more and more popular. Funnily enough, we're hosting the one record that isn't a club tune at heart, but it's co-produced with Branstone, and it goes just as hard as the rest of the release. Hyperboloid let "n e w p l a n e" fly for free, but if you're digging it, make sure to pop over to Hyperboloid's BandCamp and support some great independent music.