Ashanti's new video for "Just Believe" just made our day. First things first: props to Ashanti for performing the song and video as part of Michelle Obama's "Let's Move" campaign, which encourages young kids to get active.

Now onto the video; the plot follows a young kid trying to fight through adversity using exercise and a positive attitude. While the video delivers a positive message, let's get real—there is no shortage of laughs. Between Ashanti's lyrics that sound like a trailer to a Disney movie to Doug E. Fresh appearing out of nowhere like a fairy godfather (with sunglasses on inside, too), the video looks like a parody.

Everything ends with President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden awkwardly stretching outside of the White House like they're about to play tackle football on the front lawn. Obama tells Biden that he needs to drink up and Biden looks disappointed that Barack was talking about water and not a glass of scotch. So if you needed a good laugh and some workout advice—hint: running on train tracks is probably not a good idea—then this Elf Rivera-directed video is just for you.