See, this video is exactly what dance music needs. When you talk about some of the reasons why EDM DJs and producers don't get over, it's not always "because crap music." A lot of the time, it's "because stale personalities." You want to stop the mindless flocking to Jesus on the cross-posing DJs? Give us something we can take away. I don't want to go on a rant, but this is why I had an issue with people saying "Hardwell trolled his fans" with that video where he went to New York and had someone ask if they knew who Hardwell was while he was standing there. Is it the fans fault that you as the #1 DJ in the world don't connect enough with your fanbase that they wouldn't know your face if you were standing next to them? That's somehow their fault, and not your's? C'mon.


Loving what Anna Lunoe has done here. "All Out" finds her professing the openness she is exhibiting with someone she's feeling, and you can see it in her eyes as she sings, dances, and all-around is a fucking tangible person on screen. From what we're told, Lunoe and the video's director LILINTERNET had been discussing what this video would be for a bit, and all of these scenes really play well with what this summertime jammy jam is expressing. More power to them. Need more like this.

"All Out" is out now on Ultra Music, and is apparently the first bit from Lunoe's forthcoming EP.