At the end of June, we noticed that Adventure Club returned to the land of the androids with a new freebie remix. Now I'm not saying this is why my inbox got hit with two new Adventure Club remixes, but it is a dope coincidence, and one I figured I'd throw into one post for you androids to devour.

First up is this "everything but the kitchen sink" take on "Thunderclap" from TIGHTTRAXX, who throws a number of different styles into this, from fast-paced jungle breaks to hardstyle to trap... and it BANGS. Not sure when smart DJs would drop it; might be one of those last track/encore gems to keep the crowds stirring.

Styles&Complete take things a bit slower, channeling the vocal from "Wonder" into a turn down fest. Something about this remix screams "slow-motion twerk," which works perfectly for me.