Over the last few years, AC Slater's gone from "that producer/DJ I've seen in the dance music blogosphere over the years" to "AC Slater is one of my favorite producer/DJs right now." He's gone back into his sound and what he loves with dance music and churned out the night bass sound, which helped me find what I truly love about house music. I need those weighty basslines, and his UK garage-infused sound really speaks to me. Recently, AC Slater was featured on Diplo & Friends, and he's given away his infectious hour-long set, which is chock full of a number of his own originals, as well as remixes like his massive "Dope In My Sock" rework, alongside material from Hybrid Theory, T. Williams, My Nu Leng, Codes, and many other like-minded producers. Basically, AC Slater wins.


1. AC Slater - "Drink It Down" [Nest]
2. AC Slater - "Everyday" (Clean) [Unreleased]
3. T Williams - "Shake That" [PMR]
4. Doorly & Rory Lyons - Get Some [Toolroom Knights]
5. Charlotte Devaney - "Bass Dunk" (DJ Q Remix) [Unreleased]
6. Spoilts - "Temptation" [Stripes]
7. Ralston & Henderson - "ID" [Trigger Funk]
8. AC Slater - "Roll Up" [Nest]
9. Development - "Here We Go Again" [Party Like Us Records]
10. Cause & Affect - "Get To The Chopper" [???]
11. Ballast - "In The Sticks" [Perfect Driver Music]
12. Jackal - "Drop Out" (VIP Mix) [Up-Tempo]
13. Jillionaire & Salvatore Ganacci - "Fresh" feat. Sanjin (My Nu Leng Remix) [Island]
14. Los Ghosts - "Go Low" [Party Like Us Records]
15. Hayfever - "Ground Collapse" [Formula]
16. Darko - "Echo Sounder" [Bullet Train]
17. Hybrid Theory - "Take Me Up" [Party Like Us Records]
18. Apexape - "Ardent" [???]
19. Flava D - "He Loves Me" [Flava D]
20. Petey Clicks - "Do U" [Party Like Us Records]
21. Zinc - "Show Me" (AC Slater Remix) [Unreleased]
22. Andrew Diggs & Fade Most - 'Neural Misplacement" [Party Like Us Records]
23. Happy Colors & G-Buck - "Worldwide" (Codes Remix) [Main Course]
24. Junior Jack - "Thrill Me" (GotSome's Ruff & Rugged Remix) [Play It Again Sam]
25. Adjected Deleted and Utah - "The Look" [Party Like Us Records]
26. Mob Serenade - "Dreamers" [Unreleased]
27. David Heartbreak - "Rebel" (AC Slater Remix) [Nest]
28. Motez - "Own Up" (AC Slater Remix) [Sweat It Out]
29. Migos - "Dope In My Sock" (AC Slater Remix) [Bootleg]

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