When khal asked me to put together this list of 20 tunes from the last 20 years, I gladly accepted. I figured I would pick one “important” tune from each year and it would be a done deal. Not so fast. As I set about doing it, I realized what an impossible task it was. Some years had many “important” tunes and some had none. And, ultimately, it was always going to be just my opinion anyway. I’m not the last word on drum & bass or anything else. So this list reflects 20 tunes that were important to ME, and, in some cases, hopefully also important to dnb. I could easily make another 20 lists. So if you disagree with any of my picks here, don’t bother calling the dnb police. Just make your own list.

(DJ Dara is celebrating 20 years of drum & bass and his 20-year DJ career with his "Evolution of DnB" tour.)