Even if he hadn’t become the most successful hip-hop artist of the last 10 years, Kanye West’s music career was sure to be remarkable. Whether it was his breakthrough work on Jay-Z’s era-defining classic The Blueprint, or guiding heir apparents like Drake and Lupe Fiasco to early career highlights, Ye’s other career as a freelance beatmaker has been full of triumphs.

But not everything he’s touched in the studio has turned to gold. For years (from roughly 2000 to about 2010), Kanye was one of hip-hop’s (and music’s) most active producers, crafting tracks for literally hundreds of artists, from T.I. and Trina to Talib Kweli.

During that span he’s helped artists make masterpieces that were slept on by the same general public consumed with his own work, had his hand in musical monstrosities that would have been better off aborted, and produced numerous tracks that were hyped in their day only to fall into obscurity. To refresh your memory on some of these highlights and low points, here’s 14 Songs You Forgot Kanye West Produced.

Written by Jesse Serwer (@JesseSerwer)

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