Album: N/A
Label: Columbia
Producer: Lil Jon, DJ Snake

In the same way generations have pondered questions like "What's the meaning of life?" future generations will ask themselves, "Turn down for what?" It's an excellent question, and one that would've never gotten the proper attention it deserved if not for Lil Jon and DJ Snake. Well, mostly Lil Jon.

Released around in December 2013, "Turn Down for What" and its intentional absurdity reached its peak in large part thanks to the ridiculousness of its video. The video is basically "Gangham Style" 2.0, and matches the song's single mindedness with a video full of exaggerated turn up. Depending on your outlook, "Turn Down for What" is either awesome or everything that's wrong with the youth today. It blurs the line between Internet meme and real life song, which just might be the key to its success. Either way, the world is always a better place when Lil' Jon is relevant.