Did I read this correctly? "Haunting, ethereal, emotive, propulsive Guy Gerber and Diddy’s long-awaited collaborative album project 11 11 will at last be revealed to the public for free this Summer." Diddy is dropping 11 11 for free?! So not mad about that, although I guess it makes sense. I'm not sure what Diddy would do on an 11 11 tour—dance around the DJ booth? That definitely throws this project into a different light; that thing where this project is "not a project aimed at main-stages and masses, but outliers and after-hours" sounds a lot better when he's not even charging for it.

"Tourist Trap" hits me a bit better than "My Heart" did. It's still full of groove, but this one has a cockier swag to it, especially when those distorted vocals hit. It also does a great job of building, really adding subtle elements that elevate this one far past where we'd originally expect a sound like this to go.