Was I skeptical when I first heard that Diddy was planning on digging deeper into electronic music via his collaborative 11 11 project with Guy Gerber? Definitely. Especially when his description of it was "underground dance." I got what he meant, but I also grew up in the Biggie Smalls era, and saw how commercial Diddy could take hip-hop, and with EDM already taking it to the bank, you could assume that it'd be on some "cashing in" type shit. Maybe that's why I held back a bit, because Guy Gerber's an intriguing choice in this project, and "My Heart" feels like a late night (or early morning) in Ibiza.

This definitely won't be impacting radio at all. When the bass kicks in over that hard kick, you get a feeling of island music, but through an '80s lens. I can't front like I'm sold on the rapping on this one; it's cool, but I'm not sure if the future of electronic music and hip-hop blending will sound like this (although the "my heart" refrain" is genius). What I am interested in is how 11 11 progresses.