Whether it's tax evasion, baby mama drama, or your run of the mill incident online, rappers time and again tend to get caught looking ridiculous in the public eye. Case in point: Uncle Murda, who either A) was desperate for money, or B) was duped into shooting an ad for a pawn shop in Brooklyn called Pawn Rite a few months back. The commercial is a hilarious train wreck that gets better with each viewing.

Let's set the stage. Uncle Murda and his crew are knee deep in recording the next street classic when they realize they can't afford studio time. Sounds like they're shit out of luck, right? Wrong, because unlike Sway, Uncle's got the answers. The veteran Brooklyn rapper advises all his friends to pawn off their jewelry to pay for the studio, and because Murda is the #influencer, they do just that.

The next scene is his crew walking into a Pawn Rite and selling off all their chains. You can hear the last ounce of self-respect leave their bodies when they chant, "We gettin' money, we gettin' money, we gettin' paper." Classic content, provided by Uncle Murda and your local pawn shop.

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