Like her fellow pop stars Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry can't seem to stay in the spotlight without causing controversy. Just last November, the 29-year-old pop dressed up as a geisha for her performance at the America Music Awards, which many felt was a questionable choice for Perry.

Now a photo has surfaced on social media of Katy Perry performing alongside some rather voluptuous mummies, ones some people believe resemble black women. It'll be pretty difficult for Perry to pull a Macklemore and say the costumes weren't pre-meditated, because they're being used for her "Prismatic World Tour." As with anything slightly controversial, Twitter had something to say about the photo, which we traced back to her London performance at The 02 Arena in late May. How it lasted this long without being found is beyond our comprehension. But now that it's out, Katy Perry's mentions aren't safe.

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