If you're a true DJ, you should be connecting dots. Weaving sounds and styles that at first might seem like opposites, but mixed correctly, fit like two peas in a pod. To me, the space between dubstep and deep house has always been an interesting one and one that I see growing in the future as the global dance music palate continues to grow and mature. Firepower Records of course kills it on the dubstep game and they're going to do that no doubt with Truth's forthcoming album, Hollow World.  The 14-track release comes out on June 10 and weaves together dubstep, garage, hip-hop, and more but it's tracks like "London" that we get to talk about today and give you a taste of.

"London" fits exactly in this space between dubstep and deep house as the New Zealand and San Francisco-based duo brings their heavy low end bass weight to the forefront with a four-to-the-floor groove and some straight eerie vibes. It's a track that fits on any dancefloor not yearning for a screeching topline or grimy vocalist, but a dancefloor looking for straight vibes. This track fits in the album and is our pleasure to bring it to you first.