Our good friend The Magician is back with what might be one of his best original tunes yet. As if the selection in his monthly mixes isn't enough, he's been a threatening force with his talent as a producer for quite sometime now and doesn't show signs of slowing down. If you had the good sense to catch The Magician's set at Coachella (or, I'm sure, anywhere else) this year, then you've been pulling your hair out trying to find this song since then. Well, the wait is over. If this tune doesn't make it into heavy summer rotation for you then I'd like to see what other kind of heat you're packing. Let me set the scene for you—if we were still in the dark ages of CD burning, and I was making my quintessential Summer '14 CD for my whip (read: Maxima) then I'd put "Sunlight" on there at least three times. Bet.