Notable hooks: "Hold On, We're Going Home," "Started From the Bottom," "Believe Me" 

Drake makes great songs, and a large part of that has to do with his ability to treat a chorus like an extension of the record. His third studio release Nothing Was the Same was full of memorable hooks, with "Hold On, We're Going Home" making use of his often slept-on vocals, "Worst Behavior" featuring the perfect "fuck you" toward naysayers, while "Started From the Bottom" was an anthem centered around the hook. 

In the last year or so you can count the number of hooks Drake has provided other artists on one hand, and each one has been as impressive as the one that preceded it. There's "No New Friends," a catchy ode to keeping your circle small, and "Never Satisfied," a relatively brief but very satisfying moment on Future's album Honest. Drake also splits chorus duties with Beyoncé on "Mine," a move only the Toronto rapper could pull off alongside Queen Bey. Add in his hooks from "Believe Me" and "0 to 100," and it's a wrap. No one is better than Drake at making hooks right now. —Edwin Ortiz