Global bass masters Swick & Douster have teamed up for Internet Dreams, a multimedia web experience anchored by an amazing new EP of four original tracks.

It all begins with a visit to the specially dedicated website. The aesthetic is pure '90s "movie" Internet of the likes you would see in The Matrix movies or Hackers. The whole experience was based on the source of most of the sounds found on the tracks on the EP, which were literally recorded from the sounds of Swick's Internet connection while the Frenchman Douster was visiting him at home in Australia. The other idea was to create a more personalized platform through which to share the music rather than the usual Zippyshare or Mediafire links. They even created a cool promo video you can check out up top.

I won't give away too much of the web experience except to say it involves your webcam. As for the tracks, what do you think? They bangers pure and simple. Crazy club music is what these two guys do best. Give them a listen and I'm sure you'll be rushing to grab them.