Last October, the people of Cedar Grove spoke positively about the debut of TomorrowWorld in Georgia. And while that quieted the local news media's hate, that's not to say that they didn't have their concerns. Recently, the Cedar Grove community and representatives from TomorrowWorld held a briefing to discuss some of their concerns. One of the first things brought up was the concerns over noise, which brought upon the decision from TomorrowWorld to not have a Q-Dance stage at this year's TomorrowWorld. That might be a blow to the hard dance community, but it looks like TomorrowWorld is trying to meet Cedar Grove half way.

Cedar Grove also brought up concerns about TomorrowWorld 2014 being a four-day event, but they didn't come to any conclusion on if they would be losing a day or making some kind of concessions to keeping the noise down on the first day (which would be a Thursday). Finally, they did discuss security concerns, and a Fulton County police Captain Brian Casal was on hand to let them know that security forces would be in place. You can check out Georgia Unfiltered's complete report in the video up above.

UPDATE Q-Dance has announced that they will be returning for one day (Friday, September 26):

(Dancing Astronaut)