I'd known that the video for Porter Robinson's "Lionhearted" was on the way, but had no idea it'd be like this. Porter and his band of Harajuku girls stroll through the night, assault weapons ready, giving the town a dose of... wait, they're just making shit bright and colorful. It's a dope play on what looked like a weird Fight Club-esque "Project Mayhem mission. I won't spoil anything that goes on in here, but it didn't end like I thought it would. Harajuku fashion stylist Elleanor Tokyo even makes a cameo in this. It's a dope melding of the Japanese culture that Porter's inspired by alongside a need to take electronic music videos outside of the happy, boring CGI-rendered doldrums. It's also directed by Jodeb, who also worked with Porter on the "Language" video.

This is the third single from worlds, which is due out on August 13. If you pre-order worlds, you'll get "Lionhearted, "Sad Machine," and "Sea of Voices" right now.