There's deep house and then there's deep house. Pat-Lok is one of the dudes doing something that's actually deep and his new single is just that. Throw in a bit of that 'night bass' flavor (though I detest that moniker) and it's something that I'm just really digging. Now with Patrick Baker on vocals, Pat-Lok delivers a new single via Kastle's Symbols Recordings. The track features a straight brooding but bubbling lowend that'll have even the stodgiest of house heads moving and grooving. This is a track that'll work probably just about on any real dance-loving dancefloor. I say dance-loving to mean a dancefloor that's not just moshing, but you know, a dancefloor with actual dancing. The track is out today as well as it's featured on Parables Vol. 2, a compilation celebrating the second birthday of Kastle's label.