Are you still worrying about moombahton? Stop. Please. Though many of the pioneering big cats have focused their energies elsewhere (with the notable exception of ETC!ETC!) it in good hands. A new generation of producers have taken up the slack. They are just as talented and show as much, if not more ingenuity then their predecessors. Need proof? All you have to do is take a listen to the second instalment of the Original Moombahton series of compilations. It features exceptional work from not only new (or at this point should I say newish?) producers like D-DOTs, Noizekid, Champion Rocka, Wost, Paul Lee, and Banginclude but old favorites like Melo, Comrade, and Jon Kwest.

As my boy Marcus pointed out in his review of the first volume, moombahton is definitely a sound of the summer, lending itself perfectly to partying comfortably under the sun and stars after a harsh winter spent cooped up indoors. It's the sound of freedom, it's mid-tempo cadence giving you the choice of going in hard or taking it slow. So pop this into whatever is the equivalent of a stereo these days, grab the hand of the person you wanna make love to and groove.