DAD favorite and Atlanta's own Treasure Fingers is one of those dudes who could probably go through any number of alias or style changes and still come out with something banging.  He delivered a great DAD mix back in December and he's always bringing his own modern take on disco-styled tracks that just dance on their own.  Now he's back with a remix for Australia's Motez and his song, "Own Up."  Fingers himself calls this "future house"—a term we've heard used to describe jams from Frenchmen like Alesia and Tchami—and we're not disagreeing because this is definitely house music, and it's definitely something bit more ahead of what's usually being played on mainstream dance radio.  Swelling synths, bubbling basslines, and an eerie sense of vocal manipulation on this are trippin' me out in all the best ways.  The remix drops with the whole EP on July 4 via Sweat It Out!