From June 12-July 13, 2014, the 32-team / 64-match 2014 FIFA World Cup soccer tournament will be contested in Brazil. However, not unlike a great percentage of people reading this article, I will not be present in South America, though I will absolutely be contesting my own, separate World Cup. Yes, this means exactly what you think it means: I, like so many readers of this site likely are as well, am a huge fan of EA Sports' popular FIFA Soccer games. Yes, I'm in possession of FIFA World Cup '14, and I'll be piloting the American squad during my first few matches. However, what may interest you (like me) as much as the game play is the game's soundtrack–moreover, I'll probably be considering 10 tracks not presently on the soundtrack that could have easily been chosen.

EA Sports has had a license with soccer's governing organization for 21 years. Thus, there's probably somewhere in the range of 500 songs that have been used in various moments of FIFA gameplay overall. However, what makes the World Cup being in Brazil in  2014 unique is that Electronic Arts has had an amazing history with including tropical bass as a part of the FIFA franchise, and at-present, tropical bass is arguably a hotter and more diverse scene than ever before. Thus, the argument can be made that an entire soundtrack could have been comprised of tracks in genres as wide-ranging as zouk bass to kuduro to dembow and more. Let's scratch the surface and put together an ideal soundtrack of ten MORE songs ideal for FIFA World Cup game play.