Those that were bumping Switch before he became a household name were privy to a serious movement, as his records were insane, yet still stayed underground enough that those tunes still bring joy to our hearts.  He obviously went on to carve his name out in history with his involvement in Major Lazer and crafting records for the likes of M.I.A.  and Beyonce, but those early tunes a decade ago were nuts.  His remix of Sharon Phillips' "Want 2 Need 2" slayed dance floors, and a record called "This Is Sick" that he produced under the alias Solid Groove that sampled Janet Jackson's "All Nite (Don't Stop)" was truly years ahead of its' time.  The latter tune has been revisited by Boston's Moduloktopus, who crafted samples from this classic into a dimension-flipping bass banger. The skill in layering original samples into club kicks before displaying an absolutely mind-blowing array of sounds and drum licks is undeniable.  This one is a Do Androids Dance exclusive, and is downloadable below: