Most of you might know of Mila J as being Jhené Aiko's sister, but she's turning up with her own brand of R&B, and this cut "Smoke, Drink, Breakup" has been moving on its own. Today, this track becomes the basis for a sick bootleg from curl up and Shiftee, which is dope because both of them have something to celebrate. Shiftee recently hit 40K Facebook fans, while curl up has an EP forthcoming on Hot Mom USA. You have to love the bottom-heavy club bounce of this tune. There's some proper Bmore breaks thrown in at the beginning, but this one is all about kicks and bass, truly. Turns this thing into a delicate monster, thumping its way into your mind, heart, and lungs. And plus, we imagine all of you have one bae who you go through the same trio with. Lament on them while jamming to this.