If Chicago hip-hop eccentric Mick Jenkins isn’t already on your radar, he will be soon. The young MC’s second mixtape The Water[s] is a follow-up and conceptual sequel to last year’s Trees and Truths. Given past collaborations with fellow Chicago natives Chance the Rapper and Vic Mensa, Jenkins may be headed right towards the limelight, even if Jenkins's style is unconventional (to say the least).

“If I’m gonna try something I’m gonna become a student of it if I’m trying to be the best at it. I just appreciate art and any way I can be a part of it,” he said.

Then again, so were those aforementioned collaborators, and look where they are now. Jenkins sat down with Complex News to speak with us about his native hometown of Chicago, the horrible violence that plagues the city’s youth, and the vibrant diversity that truly makes the midwest a hotbed for creative, unique musical talent. He also took us shopping. For the full interview, check out the video above.

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