Going back through our Lunice archives, I was kind of bugged out to see that we'd not posted anything new on Lunice since the announcement of TNGHT's hiatus. Dude's a personal favorite as a DJ, and he drops some serious heat on the beats as well. We know he's been working on his album, though, so we're glad that FACT caught up with him in Barcelona and wound up discussing both TNGHT and his project. While concrete details weren't hammered out, he did explain that TNGHT, by design, isn't supposed to be a "group," but two guys coming together to make a project. The process of both Lunice and HudMo taking time away to work on their solo albums is necessary, as when they both finally hear the finished material, they'll start working on what could be whatever the next TNGHT tracks then.

Lunice also said to look out for a fall release of his album. Without giving away much, he said the initial idea was to relate it to his live performances, with him making music that'd work well live as opposed to making tracks that he then has to figure out how to workout live. It shows his growth, as a lot of rappers (and musicians in general), after getting big, start approaching their next projects with the thought of "how will this work live?" Plus we can't wait to see Lunice wildin' out to new material.