I don't know who Kenna is and I didn't know before I got the email on this track.  Pardon my ignorance but the primary reason I opened it of course was seeing the dude Justin Martin on it. [Ed. Note: Kenna is an Ethiopian-American that was born in Ohio who has been nominated for a Grammy.] The man behind some of the phattest and funkiest grooves of the last few years (actually, his first release was in 2003) has always got me going and this new remix is no different.  This is less of the trippy tech house or bass-laced bass house we might know Mr. Martin for and more of an electro-tinted disco cut.  The note with this track says it has an italo-disco vibe and while I know those terms, i'm not going to front and say I know exactly what that is or know enough to totally agree.  I do know though that this is groovy and I want this MP3 yesterday.

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