New Jersey natives and New York transplants #$ (Hash Money) have been sitting on the majority of their debut self-titled album for well over a year, and have been taking their time in the last six months slowly releasing singles and videos to play with people's heads and tease the project out a bit.  They finally released this eight track treat this morning, a wonky delight that features vocals from the hilariously and intelligently offensive GDP and production from bass guru Space Jesus that boasts features from Chippy Nonstop, Hot Sugar, Shape, Froyo, and even includes lyrics from Space Jesus himself.  Though the full offering is seven catchy and a hilarious skit, we decided to highlight "Magic Wand," a laid-back poppy joint that hasn't seen the light of day until this morning, and let the masses pop over to the Smokers Cough Bandcamp page to peep "Hash Money" for themselves.  You can stream "Magic Wand" below and bounce over to Bandcamp to stream or support the full release by clicking the purchase link below: