How deep is deep? For Autograf, a new remixing house project with mysterious Internet origins, it's just deep enough. The duo has been putting out remix after remix to bring their name to a blogosphere buzz. Their latest, remixing Pharrell's Daft Punk-featured "Gustwind," the two darlings put a twist of electro on to this otherwise delightful track and are calling it a dash of "future house." Now is that what this is? Not quite sure, but either way, I'm enjoying it enough that I've listened more times then I can count on my fingers and am sitting here trying to figure out exactly why I like it. The track's electro is low-slung and far from over-bearing, and I think that's why I like it. There's no face-ripping chainsaw synths and there's no massive kick to boost this otherwise chill track - this is a remix that just makes sense - and it's the first of a series sure to include more dope remixes like this called "Future Summer" so be on the lookout for more like this!

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