What's up everyone, welcome back and thank you for joining me for another fantastic month of bass music. This month I have collected a fantastic 82 song playlist for you featuring artists from all corners of the world and internet. One thing I forgot to mention in last month's premiere post is that nearly every song in all of my playlists are FREE DOWNLOADS. I try to keep the list clean of the mainstream Beatport stuff, because you have probably already heard that.

This month I interviewed an unknown artist by the name of Casio McCombs who not only recently released his new EP Autopgraph III, but is also starting to make waves in the future bass community.

Hey Casio, I absolutely love your EPs Autograph I and II, and now Autograph III. Can you tell me a bit about yourself and how you've got to this point in producing?
Thanks man, I'm glad your enjoying the series. I'm 21-years-old. I like pizza and sushi. So, like most stories start, when I was younger I was always around music and arts. I leaned more into visual art, though. I just really enjoyed looking at cool things and creating awesome things to look at. As I began to grow older I got more involved with music and the creative process behind it. Which i guess got me to where i am now.

Your music definitely has a future bass vibe, not unlike much of the roster of labels such as Soulection. What or who are some of your influences if any in creating your style?
Yeah, before I answer the rest of this question, shoutout to Soulection and the artists on their label, they all put out awesome material. They more recently have played a larger part in influencing my music. However before they came into the picture i was pulling inspiration from a lot of different indie artists. Toro Y Moi, Sampha, Future Islands, Neon Indian and a few others were artists that I really enjoyed listening to. My goal as a producer was to bring those sounds into the music that the people around me liked, which was rap, hip-hop, and R&B. All together I'm mainly influenced by what I see and where I am. That factor tends to occupy a large portion of my style.

Is there anyone you are itching to collaborate with?
Actually I have a few that I'd love to collaborate with in the near future. Sango is one artist that's high on my list, just because I feel like our styles are really cohesive. Esta is another artist that I'm really interested in working with because I enjoy his approach to music. Rainy Milo, MNEK, and Yung Lean are all vocal artists that I'd love to work with as well.

Thanks for taking the time to talk with me, is there anything you would like add?
Most definitely, thanks for having me. I just wanted to tell all my listeners/supporters and fans that I'm going to be starting a new project soon called "Jones College." I'm really excited for it. And I'll be dropping details in the near future.

Check out the SoundCloud and pick up a FREE copy of Autopgraph III today.

On to the tracks!