A rap battle between Dizaster and Math Hoffa turned into chaos tonight after Dizaster punched Hoffa in the face. This all happened during day two of King of the Dot's Battle of Los Angeles (BOLA) 5 event at Los Globos. Towards the end of the battle, Dizaster said, "Fucking waste of life. I should punch you in the fucking face right now." After some inaudible jawing back-and-forth, he suddenly swung on Hoffa. The fight escalated further with Dizaster bringing Hoffa to the ground before the two were eventually separated.

While the full video of the battle was supposed to be released at a later date, multiple cell phone videos have been uploaded online, each with a different angle. Some are clearer than others. Above is footage of the initial punch with context as to how things escalated, while below is footage from the end of the fight.

Hoffa got into controversy last year for punching Serius Jones in the face during their battle at Summer Madness 3. Ironically, Dizaster called out Hoffa for this incident during an interview. "What battling is and what hip-hop is and what we do is the complete opposite of that," he said. As BattleRap.com reports, the beef between Dizaster and Hoffa started two years ago, spurred on by a fan's Twitter comment. The two have also crossed paths during Eminem's Road To Total Slaughter television series.

Both rappers have responded to the incident on Twitter.

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