"Simply ridiculous."

There's no other words to describe what happens when you combine the whirlwind of dance floor emotion that is Sam Smith and Disclosure's Billboard chart-busting single "Latch" with the gut-wrenchingly emotional run of remixes that Norway-based production prince Lido has been putting out in 2014.

"Holy sh*t."

That's the best way to describe what you're hearing here, that being New Jersey's own rising Brick Bandit captain DJ Sliink dropping an edit that he made of Lido's recent remix of "Latch." The song is officially on another level, as in being touched by the just-right remixer and being edited by the most bubbling to the mainstream surface producer of the moment, the final product is a frenetic and percussive home run that elevates everything. If not quite ready to believe in the force that Jersey's Brick Bandits Crew are fast becoming in global EDM, if/when this track gets actually released, it's more than enough to make anyone a believer.